Completing Forms on Your Clients' Behalf




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    Nonie De Long

    Thank you for adding this feature! Clients can get overwhelmed with paperwork and this really helps me to make sure I have all their data on the forms so I can go back and view it as I need to rather than needing to make my own notes on it in sessions. Excellent!


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    Kara Dowdall

    Thank you for this.

    I am on the free plan for now. I don't see this feature where I can complete a form for my client.

    Thank you


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    Hi Kara,

    If your form requires a signature, you will not have the option to complete on your client's behalf. This would include waivers and forms where you've checked the box to request a signature.

    If you're working with a form (and not a waiver), you can duplicate the form from the More Options menu (3 dots):

    then uncheck the option to request a signature in the newly created form:

    Hope this helps.

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